What are the Basic Concepts of Ethical Hacking?

To become a Hacker is not easy. It takes dedication and willingness to learn as much as anything else that is worthwhile. Having a basic knowledge of the topics such as the basics of the operating system and its working, computer networks, networking, and programming is most important. Join an Ethical Hacking Course In Chennai to enhance your skills.

The best way to become a hacker is to start from the fundamentals. To build a solid base we need to master the fundamentals. And when that’s over,  try new ideas and start thinking like a hacker. Follow the steps below to start a career as a hacker.

Phase of Penetesting

Unlike forensics, PenTest is almost as much an art as a science; technological methods and tools are all very well, but it also needs a mind that can think backward and approach a problem.


Pentester must have some system information before pen-testing.so pentester scans the entire network with some tools like Nmap, Zenmap, ping, and hping.


It is a typically non-self-replicating type of malware program that contains malicious code. A Trojan also operates as a backdoor, accessing a controller that provides illegal access to the affected machine. Trojans and backdoors are not quickly identifiable by itself, networks can seem to run slower due to heavy CPU or network use. Join an Ethical Hacking Online Course to have a good career growth.

Viruses and worms

A cyber attack attaches to a project that allows it to spread from one system to another, leaving errors. A worm is its capability to extend itself on the system, so instead of mailing out a single worm from a computer, it could send hundreds or thousands of models, creating a disastrous huge effect.


Equipment and techniques for obtaining computer, IP, and mac address information are used.  Join Ethical Hacking Course in Bangalore to update your knowledge.