Best Ways to Enhance the Moving Action Control Button in UX

In the year of 2014, Floating Action Button (FAB) was commercialized by the Google’s Material Design Principles. It’s a circled icon moving above the user interface. Its position, color, and shapes guarantee it stand out from the rest of a UI. The FAB user interface element has been extensively implemented in mobile and web design.  FAB plays vital role and though it seems to be very tiny, inconsequently UI component, if the pattern is used properly, it’s meant to be instantly manageable and perceptible. To know the detail information about FAB you must learn the advanced Web Designing Course in Chennai.

  1. Characterize a Hallmark Action

FAB is the most preferably used actions; it ought to be used only for the actions that are main characteristics of your applications. If you are ready to use FAB action in your designed application, you must carefully be considered the design of your app and the user’s possible actions should be fumed down to particular prominent features.

A moving action button characterizes the main action in apps. The user can easily identify the action button by seeing, playing, or resuming playback on the display screen that tells users that it’s a music app.

As our research tells that the FAB gives negative usability impression when the user uses the FAB button in their first time, but once they use the button successful and complete the action they will probably prefer to use FAB button rather than the traditional action button in an app.

  1. Give a Set of Actions

 The FAB action can change itself with an order of more particular actions and you can design them to be appropriate to your users. As per the rule of thumb, it must provide at least three options upon press but should not more than six options. Make sure that these actions should be related to the primary action the FAB itself expresses. Don’t treat these exposed actions as self-determined as they can be if situated on a toolbar.

  1. Be Context Attentive

Context plays an essential role in user interaction. User sometimes wants to perform actions, sometimes they wish to consume content. Everything has only depended on context. When you are using some contextual performance could take the best of FAB action to the UX of several applications. For great example take Google+. In Google+ it shows the button when the user is continuously fetching with the stream, and it will be disappeared when the engagement is overturned. These two actions should be usually done with the FAB. If you want to know the tricks you must learn Web Designing Training.

Most of the designers are not used because it has bad UX. It’s very new to the designing market and it takes some time to get familiarized in the designing concepts. FAB is still honestly very new to us. But when carefully designed with FAB moving button action, that app looks unique and awesome. If you want to these kinds of advanced apps designing strategies enroll our Web Designing Training in Chennai to become a master in web designing world.