Different types of windmills

types of windmill

There are different types of windmills, Which windmill to use is dependent on the requirement.


Wind turbines
It is a three rotor designed windmill , This windmill are used to convert the kinetic energy i.e energy of motion of the wheel due to wind into mechanical energy.It is connected to a generator which converts into electricity. To other words wind turbines windmill is used convert the wind energy into electricity .The electricity in wind turbines travels through distribution lines to houses , school , offices.


Post Mill
Post mills where build throughout Russia, Europe. It was developed by French and English.The early developed windmills dint have brakes and were constructed until 19 th century.One of the basic use of post mill is for grinding stone,but since it is small in size , there is limitation in grinding. The two types of post mill, open and close post mill for open bottom timber is exposed to the elements and for closed bottom timber are enclosed and is used for storage


Simple Drain Mill
As the name suggest Simple Drain Mill is used in irrigation to pump water into irrigation canals.This types of windmill are mostly found in Netherland,This small mill is designed with sails fixed in hollow pipe with archimedean screw. This drain mill is used in extremely swampy lands


American windmill
This windmill was unvented by Daniel Halladay in 1854.It was later patented by Halladay , this windmill dint not require attention by the operator. Initially the windmill was build from wood and required lot of maintenance. As time went the wood was replaced by metal and found lot of reliability .Also there was improvement with self-oiling gearboxs and pivoting wind wheels.used by windmill. This were more efficient and maintenance free.


Tower Mill

This tower mill are mostly found in Euopre , Where this windmill are install across the sea shore facing the sea to generate energy.The sail of the tower is similar to sail of the boats. The sails have several masts–structure above the upper part of the boat to hold sails–are fixed to a rotating shaft and were first built both on and offshore near Crete, Italy and Greece

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