Frameworks for successful Automated Testing

Most of the organization believes in manual testing to test the application or product to find out all the errors. But nowadays this approach is not enough to check the product since the world is changing accordingly.

Generally, we may spend more time to remove all the errors and bugs. In such a case, when comparing with manual testing, automation testing is the proper remedy for a software tester who can find out the whole errors and can rectify.

Code writing of modern methods is to detect an error in each written lines by the developer itself. But nowadays the programmers used to write code in prior to test the application. This will help us to save time and money at the time of development phase. Let us discuss the two familiar techniques should be applied during automated testing. One can gain frameworks knowledge with the help of Selenium Training in Chennai to explore more in automated testing.

Test-Driven Development (TDD) – TDD contains PHP code and it needs programming ability.

Behavior Driven Development (BDD) – BDD has presupposed application which is understandable for any person. BDD help us to check the required result of some functionality and client relationship with the developer whereas TDD help us to what are the things should be tested.

Without much doubt, automated testing has different frameworks. Here we can discuss some of the frameworks in detail.

Codeception has a unique concept to combine with the development frameworks like Yii or Symfony2, Zend Framework and enable the writing features and unit test.

PHPUnit make sure the TDD technique via command line and handy test case

PHPSpec is an example of BDD approach process which presupposes written file on before preceding to the test case.

 Kahlan combine small code and it ensures a software tester to quickly compose write unit test through describe –it syntax

Peridot is simple framework integrates with the plugins and reporters which include message driven architecture

Selenium is a very useful framework for acceptance testing since it checks the entire system. Among all the frameworks Selenium plays a vital role in the automated testing process to deliver the result in an effective manner. This is the reason behind why Selenium Course in Chennai is in high demand in most of the training institutes.

To ensure the mobile testing, web site testing or desktop testing effectively the above methods should be implemented in every organization and also in each project. Those who are interested in testing can make use of Selenium Training in Velachery which will be helpful for your future