Future of Manual Testing

Future of Manual Testing

Manual Testing jobs were considered to be in great demand on the job market, a few years ago. During that time, there were not many mobile applications and mobile devices that are available in the tech world, and numerous companies were starting to recognize that with a testing team is as significant as having a development team. So what did they do? They just hired numerous manual testers, some were from IT professions such as helpdesk engineers, developers, business analysts and also many from non-IT professions. Join Manual Testing Training to enhance your career. To become a manual tester was not difficult, as the formal education was not available. Without the formal education, almost all the skills required to become a manual tester were the non-IT skills such as:

• Willingness to learn new things
• Attention to details
• Good cognitive skills
• Creativity
• A questioning mind
• Good written and verbal communication

When compared with developers, the testers were not at all technical during those days. For a few years, the things were so good for manual testers. But since then, the things have changed a lot. Majority of the companies have started to enter the mobile world with mobile apps and mobile sites. Along with it, the testing and technology advanced with virtualization, test automation, cloud computing, and Selenium gaining the importance. Manual Testing Training in Chennai offers you the greater knowledge in order to improve your skills.

So many may raise a question like what about the status of manual testing and where it stands today? One of the local recruiters’ reply was that there exist many manual testing opportunities available, the competition is considered to be fierce with more number of people who are competing for it. Meanwhile, there are numerous opportunities for testers with the test automation skills, as more number of companies either contain test automation frameworks which need to be improved and maintained or require to begin their own frameworks.

One of the other recruiters’ answers was that almost all the roles of testing seem to be hybrids. This refers that the tester should be cross-functional and should know both test automation framework and manual testing, a programming language. For this kind of job opportunity, the competition is said to be low. Most of the times, the recruiters are not able to explore the people who are qualified and positions stay open for a very long time.

Will this current trend continue? I trust that it will for sure. Testers who invest in their own career knows the programming language and contain other technical skills which will have the first opportunity of receiving the most of the job interviews going ahead. These testers continue getting closer to the software developers in their daily job skills and requirements. Explore the best Manual Testing Training Institute in Chennai and enrich your knowledge.

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