Health Benefits Of Playing Sports For Women

The sport includes all forms of competitive physical activities or games which involve casual or organized participation for improving physical abilities and brings positive results to one’s health. It is generally governed by a set of customs or rules which serve to ensure fair competition and allows consistent judgment for the winners. Indian Women athletes have pushed themselves in fighting through the odd situations and performed their level best in the world by winning Olympic medals. They have brought laurels to their motherlands by winning titles and establishing records on the international stage. 

Health Benefits Of Playing Sports For Women:

Better Self-Supported Health:

A higher percentage of female athletes in the Women’s Sports Foundation who have gone out and played has described that they are healthier than non-athletes. So, playing sports offers better self-supported health and enhances confidence in women.

Less Chronic Illness:

Women who play sports tend to get stronger immune systems and run a reduced risk of chronic illness such as high blood pressure, heart disease, endometrial, colon, and breast cancers in their future.

Higher Body Esteem:

Women are especially pushed by mass media to develop unrealistic ideal body images as noted in the Women’s Sports Foundation study and this can lead to personal dissatisfaction and unhealthy eating behaviors. So the study has found a positive relationship between body esteem and athletics among women playing sports.

Reduced Risk Of Obesity:

Women who play sports are less obese than non-athletes and they tend to have a healthy BMI (Body Mass Index) as well. So, it reduces the risk of obesity and offers a healthy life.

Healthier Mensuration:

Women who play sports get more regular periods and experience less discomfort and cramping than non-athletes. Researchers have found that playing sports helps in losing more weight and in getting proper menstrual cycles.

Reduced Risk Of PCOS:

Playing Sports helps women in the reduction of PCOS as the combination of playing and consuming a healthy diet improves the regularity of the menstrual cycle by 50% which helps in feeling better while taking fertility treatments for getting conceived as soon as possible.

Promotes Weight Loss:

Interview of sports person has given a picture that women who play sports reduce more weight than non-athletes and overcome PCOS as irregular ovulation is the main reason why women with PCOS have lesser chances of conceiving easily. So, it plays a pivotal role in women for their pregnancies.

Thus, the Best Sports interviews given by several Indian Women athletes have said that playing sports regularly offers all the above health benefits for leading safety and happier life.

They have also said that it enhances the physical, psychological and spiritual health of women.