All about the IELTS exam and its structure

International English Language Testing System (IELTS) is to examine the communication capabilities in English. The certification of IELTS is the most important for overall many organizations worldwide. IELTS coaching in Chennai will help you to get certified in this course. By this certification, From India, more than thousands of highly skilled professionals let to English speaking countries like the United Kingdom, Australia, Ireland, New Zealand and more to find their best careers. 

Most graduates and high professional people face a major challenge through IELTS certification to fulfill their vision in schooling and migration. The IDP IELTS Australia and Cambridge English Language Evaluation are co-managed by the British Government.

Four parts of the exam

People who are taking the exam should have the ability to read, speak, listen, and write.

Writing – This session has 2 parts, 

Part 1 – One object or diagram is provided to the examiner who must identify and have to describe it for 20 minutes with 150 terms.

Part 2 – The applicant must compose a 250-word article on this topic in 60 minutes. This could be linked to our social life or whatever.

Reading – There will be a variety of questions in the reading segment, such as preference, brief answers, and knowledge recognition. Candidates will be very cautious when answering or else lose marks for wrong pronunciation and grammatical mistakes.

Listening – The talks will be arranged between the two speakers. The nominee will listen to the recorded discussion and respond, they won’t replay the conversations for the second time. The IELTS online course would help you to know more about the examination.

Speaking – There will be one subject, within one minute the candidates will have to plan and speak about it for two minutes. The examinees then continue to pose questions from various industries. The performance depends on our capacity to communicate.