Before infertility can be addressed it should be truly understood. The fundamental infertility definition is primarily based upon the premise of a wholesome young couple in the top in their infant bearing years that have normal intercourse for 12 months without conceiving. This is the conventional rule of thumb used in the Ivf Treatment In Chennai to recommend couples of whilst first to significantly keep in mind approaching a doctor regarding their failure to have youngsters.


In the backup definition, used for individuals who are already regarded to be at threat for infertility in a few ways, the time is decreased to six month duration. The discount recognizes the elevated odds that failure to conceive will show to be one of the greater convincing signs of infertility, in preference to depend on random chance.

There are two basic categories of infertility – primary and secondary infertility.

PRIMARY INFERTILITY is described as the inability to acquire a being pregnant or carry it to time period effectively. This infertility definition refers to ladies who have by no means conceived or carried an infant to time period.

SECONDARY INFERTILITY is recognized whilst a female has formerly carried at least one infant to term. It is described by using a modern loss of the capability to accomplish that once more, or a decrease inside the frame’s capacity to manipulate problems formerly conquers.


The difference among the 2 conditions is of high-quality significance to doctors in Fertility Centre in Chennai, although there’s giant overlap between the two classes. Women who have never conceived or who’ve been not able to keep a being pregnant have a comparatively multiplied likelihood that the origin in their difficulties may be extra serious abnormalities of the reproductive machine, or long-term, ongoing endocrinal issues.

So, these are the definitions of Primary and Secondary Infertility for your understanding.