Importance of Reiki and Reiki Training Benefits

So many people are getting interested in Learn Reiki now. And this is good timing, because it is becoming more and more accepted into mainstream medicine as a supplementary healing process. Did you know for example that Reiki is used more for pain management in cancer patients? And for controlling stress and hypertension naturally!pic-reiki-004

No, it is not a cure for cancer, and it won’t fix your TV if it is broken! Some people have made some crazy claims about the power of this healing and self-realization art. And there is something to positive thinking and the law of attraction. Of that there is no question.

Reiki training can make you feel great and can help you make others feel the same way! It is all about balancing your energy flow for maximum tranquility. And it really has helped people to control extreme pain, which is why it has become a tool for long-term cancer patients. It also has been shown in studies to help reduce stress and anxiety significantly and thus control and reduce high blood pressure.

These are just some of the benefits of Reiki.

Many medical practitioners have been looking to increase their knowledge of this healing art so that they can begin to apply it in their practices. And many others have been embracing it for all of the healing, relaxation, and self-realization benefits they can receive.

To get Reiki training involves first having an open mind and embracing it. It is something you must believe in to be attuned to it. The attunement process is a staged process where the master educates the student and awakens the student’s energy to Reiki. Without that willingness, there will be no success.

But all you need is that willingness and you can be successfully attuned to Reiki. Indeed, with the guidance of a suitably qualified master, you can even attune yourself to Reiki. The key element is the experience and pedigree of the master – not the physical proximity!

Some traditionalists have resisted that concept, but their position is untenable! Because distant healing and remote attunement are fundamental aspects of Reiki! Even the traditionalists teach and promote that. Unfortunately, there has been some elitism associated with Reiki on the part of masters.

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