Some basic English Grammar Rules

There are thousands of grammar rules but we have to know at least some basic rules like noun, pronoun, parts of speech, adjectives, verb etc., to speak good English. English is not knowledge, it is just only a language so learning English will definitely not a big challenge those who do not know even an ABCD also. So this article will surely help you to get some basic ideas of Grammar rules or else take up Spoken English Classes in Chennai to learn full grammar rules

Basic English Grammar Rules

The most English grammar rules are related directly to the sentence structure. Below I have mentioned some rules:-

  • A singular subject requires a singular predicate
  • A sentence require a completion
  • If a group of words does not have predicate and subject, it is a phrase
  • If a group of words can stand alone and give meaning, then it is called sentence and independent clause
  • If it does not give complete meaning, then it is called dependent clause.

Predicates and Subjects

This is basic to any language, that a sentence should express a subject and a predicate.

  • The subject is the major part of the sentence and subject indicates animal, person or thing.
  • Predicate tells the action that the subject is taking

Basic Parts of Speech

  • If you have some basic idea about English grammar rules, then it will help you to learn parts of speech concept.
  • Pronoun occupy the place of noun I, you, they
  • A verb indicates the action and it may be either helping verb or main verb.
  • An adjective changes a pronoun or noun and it can answer the questions how much, which one etc.,
  • An adverb modifies the verb and gives more information about it and this justifies the questions like when, where, how much, how or why.
  • A proposition explains the relationship between pronouns and nouns. The preposition always used with a noun to indicate location like in, or, on, beside etc.,
  • Conjunctions combine two phrases, words or clauses, and the general words are and, but, or.


  • In case of punctuation, the words should start with capital
  • Titles of books, magazines, books, specific places, movies etc are should be capitalized
  • Every sentence must need a full stop at the end.
  • Use colons to separate a sentence from list of items

I have explained only the basic grammar rules, you can learn entire rules with the help of the internet or some Spoken English Classes in Velachery which is the best institute to learn English. Choose the best institute for the Best Spoken English Classes in Chennai to enhance your future