Tools a Java Developer should be familiar with

Whatever may be the product or application, quality and productivity are must to deliver a product as per the customer requirements. Talent is not enough for a successful project. We also need proper tools for the job. Here are the various tools that Java developer has shared with them. Java Training helps you to work on the following tools.

  1. Groovy

The groovy tool helps developers to write test in Java since it provides all the capabilities. Also, this tool enables us to use the familiar dynamic mocking frameworks like EasyMock, Mockito, and PowerMock. Power assertion statement which is provided by groovy clearly reveals the evaluation output when the validation gets fails.

  1. Rest – Assured

REST API helps to manage and create user accounts. Java SDK is one among the various SDKs which provides a client side model to simplify the interactions. To ensure the interoperability among all these web frameworks, they should have the same. In this manner, we need to make a setup of HTTP-based coordination tests that each frame is approved against. That is our Test Compatibility Kit. This is maintained by all our SDK builds, and not every one of them masters in similar programming languages. Hence we need to use a tool called agnostic testing.

Rest-assured is a basic Java DSL (space particular dialect) for testing REST services. Not just it is easy to utilize and begin with, even for programmers that have never utilized Java before, it is likewise effective. It gives propelled functionalities like channels, custom parsers question, CSRF, and OAuth 2.0. It was developed from the beginning provides simple syntax.

  1. Cargo Plugin

Keeping in mind the end goal to have our Java SDK approved by the TCK we have to begin one of our Web Examples so those tests can be executed against it. We need that approval to happen naturally on each form. Cargo Plugin is used for that reason.

Cargo is a thin wrapper to control different sorts of application containers standardly. With Cargo, we could run our cases in various Servlet Containers easily. We basically designed the Cargo Maven2 Plugin in our pom records to begin a Servlet Container (Tomcat 7) and deploy the recently built war file at the Integration Testing stage.

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