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What are trigger points? You may feel some unexplained pain in your body because you may be experiencing at sore or tender sports in which your neck or back may be filled with painful muscle knots called trigger points. The recent research shows that there may be as many as possible trigger points of 620 throughout the human muscular system. Trigger point Massage in Chennai can safely and effectively treat this kind of pain. The tight bands of muscles which may felt as know are trigger points and they can restrict movement and cause the muscle weakness and or radiating pain. Trigger points help in decreased blood flow to the affected part of the body and also scar tissue into the muscle.

There are various methods for treading your trigger point pain. Spine correction centre treating and diagnosing the trigger point pain. This massage also proves that it is used for eliminating chronic pain in your back, spine, neck or any other location. The methods used are massaging to untangle the knots, stretching to help muscle tone, whole body vibration to relax tensed muscles and anti-inflammatory to break-up the tissue of scar. The treatment you are taking will be based on your particular needs and responses. You may also take a combination of treatments which will help you attain your goals.


Whole body vibration is done here by using this massage. Generally, your muscles at a specific frequency to trigger muscular contractions and relaxations through the involuntary, muscle-stretch reflexes and the natural. Vibration therapy helps in neuromuscular reeducation program. The benefits of this trigger point massage SPA in Chennai therapy related to vibration exercises are it improve blood circulation, speed up the muscle and tissue recovery process, enhance your strength, stamina and speed, reduce fat, boost collagen production, develop your flexibility, coordination and mobility, strengthen bone tissue, lift your metabolic rate, promote lymph drainage and increase the hormones production which repair injuries and regenerate tissues. Direct, targeted approach of massage therapy is one of the most common forms of treatment for trigger point therapy related pain because our expert therapists can find the hard knots triggering the pain. This is because trigger points often cause “referred pain” such as neck pain, headache etc. The symptoms like weakness, stiffness, numbness or limited muscle mobility are linked by trigger points. These are the benefits of trigger point massage and the well-expert therapists are recommended in case of heavy pain.

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