Types of redirection in SEO

Redirection is the process of making single web page content is available under various URL’s, simply forwarding a single URL to different urls. It is mandatory for SEO professionals to have different types of redirections knowledge. Here you will yet to get knowledge on various redirections in SEO.  SEO Training in Chennai will help you to get in depth information about various redirections present in SEO.

Types of redirects:

HTTP Redirects

  • 301

301 is mainly for SEO purpose. This type of redirection is a permanent redirect is used when any URL is changed to another name. For instancewww.seo.com is changed to www.seo2.com. Here 301 redirection will help you to get www.seo2.com even if you go for www.seo.com. This helps in link juice concept without affecting the Google search engine ranking.

  • 302

302 is also used for SEO purpose. 301 is permanent redirection whereas 302 is a temporary redirection. 302 is used when you want to move the URL to another location for some time. Link vice concept will not work out here.

  • 303

303 redirects tell the Google search engine that required URL exists for different URL. Shortly called “see other” redirects.

  • 304

304 redirects is saying to a search engine that the requested URL is not changed.

  • 305

305 redirects instruct agents to locate the resource using a proxy through agents.

  • 307

307 redirects are mostly used by web developers. This is temporary in nature

HTML Redirects

  • Meta Fresh

It redirects the users to the new page after an interval of time which is predefined. Meta fresh is not good in search engine point of view. This has been done by most of the web master for cloaking, this is against the Google guidelines.

  • IFrame

When the content of other page is displayed within an iframe it looks like present on the original URL, then use “iframe redirects”. This is also against the search engine rules.

  • JavaScript Redirects

Google search engine does not follow these redirects. This helps to redirects the visitors from one URL to another URL.

Make use of this article to know more about the types of redirections. Choose SEO Training Chennai to have an in depth knowledge in Digital Marketing field.