AWS and Devops

Technology has evolved over time. There is a great shift in computation and software development life cycles in the last two decades. We have seen a huge demand for online AWS Training in Chennai and DevOps Training in Chennai

What is DevOps?

The concept of DevOps is all about aiding the software application release management process through the standardization of development environments. It is also about automation. Here, the roles of software developer and system admin have become very important. DevOps provides the ability to automate this via non-operational resources within production environments. These include developers who control some aspects of the target development and operations to produce better applications and reduce the time it takes to improve and deploy applications. In DevOps, everything is focused on automating which lets them write small chunks of code that can be tested, monitored and deployed in hours which is different from writing large chunks of code that takes weeks to deploy. Even in PHP Training in Chennai and Angularjs Training in Chennai you can learn  what is AWS and how it forms a crucial pairing with DevOps to give you AWS DevOps from 

What is AWS?

AWS stands for Amazon Web Service (AWS) which supports DevOps by providing services to build, store and deploy applications, as well as configuration management tools like Chef which uses Ruby to write system configuration “recipes” that automates the process for configuring and operating local and cloud-based services including AWS. Clouds are also supported as well other public infrastructure as a service including Google, and Microsoft.

AWS DevOps

AWS is one of the best cloud service providers and DevOps on the other hand is the ‘need of the hour’ implementation of software development lifecycle. AWS and DevOps related products include AWS Opsworks. Opsworks provides enterprises with the ability to model and manage an entire application and allows them to customize the Amazon EC2 instances in these layers that comprise your application. The application lifecycle, including resource provisioning, configuration management, application deployment, software updates, monitoring and access control are provided as an integrated experience by Opsworks. DevOps teams are required to create and release cloud instances and services more frequently than traditional development teams.  AWS frequently creates and adds new instances to their list and the level of customization with these instances allow you make it easy to use AWS DevOps together. All these reasons make AWS one of the best platforms for DevOps.

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