4 Common Resume Mistakes Freshers Must Avoid

4 Common Resume Mistakes Freshers Must Avoid

Freshers frequently make simple and amusing resume mistakes when writing their applications, causing them to lose the job opportunity. The most common cause of such errors is failing to review the application. 

Now we’ll go over common resume mistakes people make when writing job applications and how to avoid them. 

Improper resume format:

Employers analyse and scan thousands of CVs and Resumes for each Freshers Jobs recruitment process before promptly rejecting inappropriate or inconsistent ones. You need a CV that looks professional if you want to get through this selection procedure.

It is essential to highlight and adequately mention each point. The labels and alignment of each significant area must be correct, including Education, Skills, and Competencies. Freshers should also take font choices and sizes into account. It must have a polished appearance and be simple to read.

Forgetting skills to add:

Everyone possesses a specific set of skills. For a potential employer to decide if you are a qualified candidate, you must demonstrate your talents on your resume. 

Since you are a student or new employee, you should view the skills portion of your CV or resume as the most crucial. Freshers must list their soft and hard skills in the skills section. 

Even if you lack experience but possess specific abilities that are relevant to the position or showcase your internship and projects done in your college, there is a strong likelihood that the organisation will hire you. Therefore, remember to list your skills on your resume.

Forgetting to add GPA:

Every Freshers Jobs In Chennai is interested in learning how well you did in high school and college. A good grade demonstrates a strong work ethic, priceless knowledge, and success. It is a fact that an experienced expert with good marks is sometimes a superior choice. Employers might assume you have a low GPA if you don’t mention it.

Sending Same Resume:

Every job posting is unique, and each has its own requirements. So, your resume needs to be customised if you apply for a particular job posting. Your resume needs appropriate keywords, targeted abilities, and job responsibilities that meet those requirements. For each Freshers Job Openings In Bangalore, use a different resume. Make sure it meets the needs, and the outcome will be acceptable.


This article discussed the four common resume mistakes freshers must avoid. If you want the latest job opportunities, apply your resume to various job sites on the internet to get the latest Free Alert Job daily.