8 Things to Know about Pregnancy

Gynecologist In Velachery

Pregnancy is the time when one or more offspring develops during ovulation inside a woman and it can also occur through assisted reproductive technology procedures. The best Gynecologist in Velachery gives treatment and care during hard times of pregnancies. It is the best period in a woman’s life that could ever be made better with gynecologists who are about to treat women during their deliveries. Gynecologists are doctors exclusively for the women who are specialized in the working and functioning of the female reproductive organs.

Tips For Healthy Pregnancy:

Getting Early Prenatal Care:

Good prenatal care is essential for the baby if you are planning to start the family, as the doctor will be able to confirm the pregnancy and screen for certain medical conditions that prevent complications.

Maintaining A Healthy Diet:

It is important to make sure that there is enough calcium and protein in the diet and the meats are avoided to prevent oneself from consuming bacteria that would harm the baby.

Taking Prenatal Vitamins:

Prenatal Vitamins ensure that essential vitamins and nutrients needed like folic acid, iron, calcium, and DHA are given to the baby as these vitamins play important roles in vision, bone, and brain development. So, it is mandatory to make sure that they are added regularly to the diet.

Exercising Regularly:

Regular exercises increase the chances of vaginal delivery and help in managing the discomfort of pregnancies. It also aids in postpartum recoveries as doing exercises plays such a key role in the vagina.

Eliminating Alcohol And Limiting Caffeine:

As it is important to take good care of the body during pregnancies, it is recommended to avoid alcohol, limit caffeine intake, and steer clear of any nonprescription drugs throughout the pregnancy.

Limiting The Exposure:

It is important to take the necessary steps of protecting the baby when the chemicals or other substances are around which are known to cause birth defects. So, non-toxic household cleaning solutions could be used throughout the pregnancies for limiting the risk of exposure.

Visiting The Dentist:

Hormonal shifts taking place during pregnancies can leave with the increased risk of gingivitis as the increased estrogen and progesterone levels interact with the bacteria in plaque, leading to swollen, tender, or bleeding gums. So, it is good to visit the Dentist and take appropriate medication for protecting the gums successfully.

Wearing Sunscreen:

It is important to apply sunscreen to avoid tanning beds as the skin is more susceptible to sunburn and chloasma which produces dark spots on the face.

Knowing When To Call The Doctor:

The Center for Disease Control recommends calling the doctor when there are any of the following symptoms:

  • Vaginal Bleeding or leaking of fluid
  • Contractions that are 20 minutes apart or less
  • Strong cramps
  • Pain of any kind
  • Dizziness or fainting
  • Decreased activities of babies
  • Shortness of breath

So, all the above tips are guidelines given by the Gynecologist In Madipakkam that needs to be followed for a healthy pregnancy which will help in giving babies a great start to their lives.