Do Wireless Hearing Aids Present Health Risks?

Do Wireless Hearing Aids Present Health Risks?


The invention of wireless hearing aid technology has created a revolution in the hearing aid industry. Nowadays Bluetooth hearing aid users are happy with smartphone connectivity and no one knows what the future holds for them.  Even though most consumers and professionals are happy with this cutting edge technology, there is still a marginal group of people who think that these types of hearing aids can damage the health of the person who wears these products. The Hearing Aid Centre In Chennai is trying to innovate and add new instalments to this technology. As these products become popular, ultimately the fear of using them also increases. Hence here in this article we are going to discuss whether Bluetooth hearing aids present health risks to the person who wears them?

Health Concerns:

The term “radiation” has created a huge negative impact among the masses due to various reasons. Which motivated the world health organization (WHO) to create material for public education regarding this topic. 

When it comes to radiation there are two types. One type poses a major health risk, while the other one does not believe to affect health in any way.  The type of radiation which affects human health in an hazardous way is ionizing radiation. Ultra high frequency protons which are capable of removing the electrons from the atom when it is exposed. This subatomic process can have long term effects in body tissues,  damages the DNA and even causes cancer. 

On the other hand there is non ionizing radiation which is used in all the Hearing Aid Machine In Chennai emits a non ionizing electromagnetic energy which has a warm or heating effect rather than ionizing effect. According to the world health organization the radiation emitted from these devices are converted into heat energy when it is absorbed by the body. It is safe until a certain dosage level. The possibilities of non thermal health effects due to non ionizing radiation are an ongoing topic in the scientific community. Several studies have suggested that the increase in brain tumor is the result of excessive cell phone usage. On the other hand there isn’t any proven fact that the hearing aid is causing any major health risks.  

Design Of An Wireless Hearing Aid:

The Siemens Hearing Aid Dealers In Chennai are optimizing their wireless hearing aids to have an increased connection reliability as well as power efficiency. Various types of patients require various types of customized hearing aids, hence the creation can be a complex process. The common factor which they are keen to improve is to minimize the radiation effects on the person. The major goal of wireless optimization is to provide a consistent signal transmission and reception using the least energy possible. 


Everyone cannot live without mobile phones but the excessive usage of those devices can cause major health issues. Just the same, the radiation emitted from the hearing aid does not cause any major health issues, but it is the responsibility of the individual to safely use a hearing aid and use it when it is needed.