Easy and Effective Ways To Remove Stains From The Silk Sarees

Easy and Effective Ways To Remove Stains From The Silk Sarees

Silk sarees are ought to be the favourite outfit for every woman around the globe. The saree is woven from the thread obtained from pure mulberry silk. This gives the look of a goddess owing to its zari and the rich mulberry silk. This silk adds richness to the saree and enhances the look. Be it for any century, the fabric of the Kanjivaram silk saree will remain as a queen over other fabrics. Its soft texture gives a great appearance to the person instantly. But once the saree gets dirt, it is hard to remove the stains from it. Before getting into cleaning the saree, check whether it can be done through dry cleaning. If you want to clean the saree at home, check with the white cloth to see whether the colour passes on to it. If the saree passes through the test then we can apply the home remedy. Let us see the methods to remove soil from the saree. 

Application of mild ammonia:

Ammonia is not a harsh chemical and would not fade away the colour of the silk saree. It helps to remove the stains from chocolates, soil, sweating and etc. Add a small amount of mild ammonia to the lukewarm water. Dip the cotton ball and gently apply it to the stained area. This works like magic to remove the stain from the saree. Alcohol can be used as an alternative to ammonia which removes soil and other stains from the bridal sarees as well. 

Use Vinegar to remove the stain:

Vinegar is an important ingredient to remove the stain instantly. Detergent finds it hard to remove the marks on the saree. Hence use vinegar and water in equal amounts and let it stay aside. Dip the cotton balls into the solution and dap it on the stain marks. This helps in removing the stain from the saree instantly without causing any damage to the saree. Lemon can be used instead of vinegar to remove hard stain marks on the saree. The wedding silk sarees below 10000 are also available for the people from the weavers directly. 

Try Talcum powder:

This powder works well with oil stains. Apply some amount of powder to the oil stain and wash it with water. This treatment works as an instant remedy for the saree. It should be done as soon as the stains are made in the saree. 

Hence consider all the shared tips in this post and comment on how they helped to remove the stains from your saree. 

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