Must Have Kanchipuram Sarees For Wedding Season

Must Have Kanchipuram Sarees For Wedding Season

A wedding is one of the cherished moments that everyone loves to relive. So, people make sure to wear the best outfits on the day of the wedding to make it more memorable. But choosing the best attire for the big day is one of the hardest things at weddings. The choices for a bride to choose the outfit are vast starting from modern and trendy wedding gowns to traditional bridal sarees. Here are some must-have Kanchipuram sarees for the wedding series for the bride choosing traditional sarees. Hence, in this post, let us see various options for the bride to make the wedding even more grandeur.


So, the first ritual that every family in India starts with is the Haldi ceremony. Haldi is considered as one of the purest and most divine things in weddings and applied on the bride and groom’s face as a symbol of purity and a happy beginning. So, brides and family members can choose yellow shades of Kanchipuram sarees for the wedding. The yellow Kanchivaram silk sarees are best for the Haldi ceremony and make the bride stand out with their flattering drapes and luxurious sheer. These yellow shades come with motifs like peacock and rudraksha that symbolise the auspicious moment.

Mehendi ceremony:

It is one such event that is inspired by Northern culture. Generally, Mehendi is considered as a pre-wedding ceremony in the Northern side of India and is full of cheerfulness and spark. Similar to Haldi, the bride can wear a green-colored Kanjivaram silk saree to brighten up the occasion for the Mehendi ceremony. These sarees come in a checkered pattern with a heavy zari which adds grandness to the event.

Sangeet and wedding:

Sangeet is nothing but a musical event where every family member of the bride and groom sing and dance. Sangeet is also inspired from Northern culture. There is no particular color for this ceremony so the bride can choose any color. But the only thing is to choose the saree that is not too heavy or the one that can stop the bride from dancing. So, go for soft textured sarees on the day of sangeet. For the wedding, the bride can choose an outfit that has huge embellishments and impressions to sparkle on the big day. The wedding sarees come in various color palettes with stunning motifs ranging from geometric patterns to sculpture-based designs. 

Wedding shopping is not an easy job but you can make Kanchi pattu sarees online shopping without any hassle. Thus, these are a few options and suggestions on choosing the best Kanchipuram sarees for the big day. 

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