Transparent Polycarbonate Roofing Sheet For Impressive Home

Polycarbonate roofing Sheets are very popular sheets because they have high durability, texture and it has resistance among high and low temperature compared to other roofing sheets. These sheets are the popular choice among industrial builders and it used for many commercial uses. 

This polycarbonate roofing sheets price in Chennai is very reasonable. These polycarbonate sheets look like transparent glass so when you use these sheets in your home it looks amazing. These sheets also used by many professional companies which make the building look very high-tech and impressive.

Types of Polycarbonate Roofing Sheets :

Polycarbonate has three common varieties they are 

  1. Solid and textures roofing sheets
  2. Corrugated roofing sheets
  3. Multiwall polycarbonate sheets

Solid and textures roofing sheets:

Solid roofing sheets are made up of high-quality polycarbonate resins. It has a similar thickness to glass but 250 times stronger than glass. It transmits approximately 90% of sunlight and keeps away from harmful sun UV rays. These sheets have high resistance to temperature and good for pollution areas. 

Corrugated roofing sheets :

When comparing to flat courted part, corrugated sheets are stronger. These sheets are in various material and finishes. Corrugated sheets are the most suitable roofing for industrial and commercial uses. They are greatly beneficial for enhancing daylight harvesting, which is something that is considered by those concerned with environmental issues. These sheets are facilitated better insulation from heat and cold than glass sheets, and maintain optical properties for longer periods of time. If you are looking for complete water resistance, corrugated sheets are for you. Metal roofing sheets are one of the corrugated sheets which are best selling sheets all over the world. 

Multiwall polycarbonate sheets :

Multiwall polycarbonate sheets provide a maximum of 80% and a minimum of 25% light transmission at a significantly lower heat transmission level to ensure optimum illumination. This sheet is best for all type of buildings and home.