What Are The Five Core Pillars Of Social Media Marketing?

In general, social media marketing is defined as the process of using social media websites and networks to promote a company’s brand. Previously, marketing was done either through doorways or advertisements placed in newspapers and journals. But now, the social media marketing agency in Chennai allows businesses to deliver content by using different social media applications such as Facebook, twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, snapchat, LinkedIn and YouTube. Here, most of the businesses are using these social media applications to reach an audience, create a brand, improve return on investment and drive website traffic. There are five core pillars of social media marketing which is given below 


The foremost step for businesses is to think about how to use social media strategy. Whenever businesses need to publish certain information on social media, then they must use social media strategy effectively. It contains objectives for various social media channels and information to be shared. 

  • What are objectives of businesses
  • Which social media platform helps businesses to attain objectives
  • What kind of information needed to be shared to attract audience

Planning and publishing

After strategy, the next step must be, to plan how often businesses need to publish the content. As the number of social media users increases on a daily basis, then each business should focus on displaying a consistent presence on social media. This process also helps to showcase products to potential users. Publishing attractive and effective information is much easier than sharing images on social media profiles. The main objective of social media marketing Chennai is to promote business on social media and concentrate on planning strategy for post. 

  • When potential users will be active on social media
  • Check whether post is reached or not
  • Check whether post is shared or not
  • Draft social media post properly

Listening and engagement 

The third step of social media marketing is listening and engagement. It is better for users to listen, engage and share information about brands. Users will take initiative to reply to comments on social media posts done by businesses. 

Analytics and reporting

The fourth step of social media marketing strategy is analytics and reporting. There are certain steps for analytics and reporting given below

  • Check whether post contains more reach than previous month
  • Check the total number of positive comments mentioned in every month
  • How many users are utilizing hashtag and company name
  • How many users are sharing, commenting and liking post
  • Compare increased number of followers with previous month


The last step of social media marketing is advertising. Whenever business people are ready to spend money in social media, then utilize social ads to expand awareness about the brands.  

Therefore, the digital marketing company in Chennai allows business people to monitor and increase their profits by using the five core pillars of social media marketing.