What is the Strategic Plan to Cover Current Affairs for UPSC?

Best current affairs for UPSC

Nowadays the trend of the UPSC exam pattern very changes from the bookish knowledge. Mostly, they ask about current events. There are several strategies for covering the Best current affairs for UPSC. In this article you will get an idea to make a strategic plan to cover current affairs for UPSC. There is no secret that current affairs are the backbone of this exam. Proper preparation of this section will give an edge in Essay, Ethics, and other papers also as the examples, anecdotes, etc can be used from this section.

How to prepare current affairs for UPSC?

Before jumping to the strategy it is important to understand that UPSC tries to create a level playing field for the new aspirants. It checks the aspirants are updated or not. The questions of current affairs are analytical and they demand a sound understanding of the issues.  You must have to aware of the schemes, policies and several other relevant facts. UPSC gives a significant weightage for this topic. 

Daily Activities(Monday-Saturday):

1- You have to read the daily Current affairs book for UPSC.

2- Read The Indian Express or The Hindu and try to make notes from it.

3- Read Editorial Section from both newspapers. Try to analyze from YouTube.

4- Try to write your thoughts about those editorials in the notebook.

5- Visit the Press Information Bureau website and daily check important news from there.

Weekly Activity(Sunday):

1- Try to solve all UPSC previous year’s question papers from the above section.

2- Always make notes from monthly magazines from popular sites. 

3- Give weekly Online Quiz.

Monthly Activities:

1- Monthly Revision of All Daily and Weekly Current Affairs Notes.

2-  Monthly Current Affairs Quiz

Time Management:

You need to manage and divide your time according to routine. It will help you to focus on all the subjects for the preparation. If you follow the timetable, you can easily cover the topics.

Note Making:

Notes should be hand-written. Try to compress the complete news article into less than  5 short lines under the heading of that news article.  Divide your notebook into different parts and sections. Revise those notes. It will create a database for you. 

Thus, these are the few tips for the strategic plan to prepare current affairs for UPSC. Hope this article helps you. All the Best!